Concentrated Brightening Peel

Extra strength brighteners to lift dark spots and exfoliate the skin to reveal a brighter, youthful appearance to your face. Includes deep facial cleansing, Pristine™  microdermabrasion, and brightening enzymes to reveal a gleaming glow.

Rejuvenation Peel

An impressive starter peel to target the early signs of aging; enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, and rough & flaking skin. Buddleja plant stem cells are recommended for aging skin and are a main ingredient in this powerful peel. It’s clinically proven to promote skin detoxification, prevent breakdown of collagen, and enhance antioxidant effects.

The Rejuvenation Peel powerfully resurfaces dry, old looking skin using retinols and glycolic acids to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, & dullness. Includes deep facial cleansing, Pristine™ microdermabrasion, and a retinol masque to enhance skin peeling.


Acne and Blemish Lifting Peel

Intense treatment for mild to moderate acne. Exfoliates congested pores, aggravated skin, and helps fade the appearance of acne spots. Includes deep facial cleansing, salicylic acid skin scrubbing exfoliation, single pass Pristine™ microdermabrasion, and a kojic acid masque for soothing.

Schedule Your Skin Peel Session

We offer a variety of skin peels – from brightening to acne, medical grade to rejuvenation, Natalie will personalize a skincare plan that works best for you

Advanced Acne Peel

High concentrations of salicylic, alpha hydroxy, and beta hydroxy acids to rapidly treat advanced acne and oily skin. This peel penetrates deeper into pores to visibly smooth the skin’s appearance. Includes deep facial cleansing, benzoyl peroxide skin scrubbing exfoliation, extractions, and a retinol masque to enhance peeling & treat acne.

Elevated Perfection and Prevention Peel

Clears the skin of congestion, fades pigmentation, brings clarity to uneven skin tone, & improves the appearance of blemishes & scarring. Includes a deep facial cleansing, skin scrubbing exfoliation, and single pass Pristine™ microdermabrasion. To complete this peel, a retinol with hyaluronic acid masque is applied to the face, to enhance peeling with added hydration.

Skin peeling is significant and we recommend starting with a milder peel four weeks prior to scheduling this peel.

Optimized Aging and Wrinkle Peel


A chemical peel with powerful, medical grade strengths of Salicylic Acid and Retinol. The elevated concentrations promote hormonal acne clearance, clinically treats deeper wrinkles, and focuses on hyperpigmented areas. 

It’s safe for all skin types and for patients with rosacea. Improves the appearance of photodamage, acne, melasma (pregnancy mask), and hyperpigmentation (age spots, liver spots, and sun damage).

We recommend having at least one basic chemical peel prior to scheduling this peel, in order to gain the best results. 

This peel may be applied every two weeks, depending on skin type, sensitivity, and the condition of skin.

The Optimized Aging and Wrinkle peel will meet your expectations as a medical grade peel; your skin will feel firmer, tighter, smoother, and lifted.