Newborn Ear Deformities

You are likely here because you or someone you know has a newborn with misshapen ears. The good news is you are not alone; approximately 20% – 35% of all newborns have some type of ear deformity.  If treated early enough, your child will have “normal” ears in 4-6 weeks of care.

Up to 70% of these newborns, if left untreated, will have have life-long permanent ear disfigurement. Unfortunately, this condition can cause a lifetime of teasing, taunting, and even bullying for children.


There Is A Solution!

Timing is critical and the initial treatment should begin within the first 2 weeks of life. As your child grows, addressing ear deformities becomes nearly unsuccessful after 12 weeks. Surgical methods will be the only way to correct the ear(s).

Our Nurse Practitioner, Natalie Tollison, has expertise in the EarWell™ system, a quick in-office procedure that is highly effective at correcting misshapen ears. This is done in-office and takes about 4-6 weeks total. More information can be found here or by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Natalie.


Take a look at Natalie's recent results:

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