A Slimmer, Smoother You

Fast, non-invasive and proven body treatments to shape, tone and tighten.


Treatment Options:
  1. Body Contouring and Circumferential Reduction: Lose inches and gain back desired curves.
  2. Cellulite Reduction:
    The gold-standard treatment to reduce cellulite quickly and painlessly with no downtime.
  3. Body Skin Tightening:
    Achieve smoother, firmer skin with treatments that take just minutes.

Treatments & Technology

V-Form is a treatment that is safe, effective and non-invasive. It works by combining radio frequency (RF) energy and vacuum which reduces cellulite, circumferential reduction and tightens your body’s skin. This is especially important after weight loss.

Radio frequency energy increases metabolism by targeting enlarged fat pockets and reduces fat cell volume. Vacuum technology increases local blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Treatments resemble a deep tissue stimulation combined with gentle suction on the surface of your skin.

No Down Time!

V-Form treatments result in zero down-time. They are completely non-invasive procedures and following Viora’s RF treatment protocol, you can continue your normal day the moment you leave the treatment session.

Get clinically-proven body contouring and skin tightening treatments without any surgery, downtime, or discomfort. V-Form is Quick, Safe and AFFORDABLE!


Treatment Areas

Looking to slim-down stubborn areas, like the buttocks, stomach and thighs? Or those difficult-to-treat areas such as the inner thighs and bra fat area? V-Form has the technology to tackle all of these and more!

Treatment Times & Course

V-Form is among the fastest treatment methods available anywhere. Actual treatment times can be between 30-45 minutes, excluding office logistical processes. You likely can be in and out over your lunch break!


Safety & Comfort

With it’s unprecedented amount of safety features, you can be assured V-Form will provide you with safe and effective treatments.

One of the key advantages of V-Form is it’s use of controlled RF energy delivery, resulting in a pain-free experience. You will likely experience a pleasant heat sensation followed by a gentle vacuum massaging feel. V-Form is designed with a range of RF and vacuum levels which can be adjusted to meet your individual intensity preference.

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