Woman Cheeks

Dermal Fillers

As we age, all of us will undergo physical changes to our appearance. One common change to our faces is the loss of fullness, or deflation, of the face. While this is a common part of the aging process, it can leave us looking tired and less vibrant. Luckily, dermal fillers offer a great option to restore our youthful appearance.

Rejuvenated, Youthful Appearance

One of the greatest innovations in the field of Facial Aesthetics are Dermal Fillers. These help erase shallow lines and wrinkles, soften deep creases, plump thinning lips, improve the look of sunken scars, and add volume to the cheeks. Facial injections are most commonly used in the cheeks, lips, around the mouth and smile lines, and tear troughs. Our goal is to provide you with a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.


Look Enhanced, Not Over-Filled

Serendipity Aesthetics uses a selection of high-quality fillers, including Restylane fillers, Juvederm, & Radiesse. To find out which filler is right for you, schedule an appointment today.

Level of Comfort

There are various techniques to achieve your ultimate results and comfort is a top priority. Topical numbing cream and small numbing injections are often used to minimize your discomfort. Serendipity Aesthetics aims for comfort, beautiful outcomes, and minimal bruising & swelling.