All the Plump, Without The Poke

We are proud to offer a breakthrough lip plumping technique that does not require any filler, injections, or downtime. With our Radiofrequency lip plumping treatment, we can produce the look of full and natural lips. With this method, you do not need to worry about pain, bruising, or the unwanted “duck lip” look.

Monumental Innovation

As we age, our lips and skin start to lose their elasticity and “plump” look due to lack of collagen production. With Viora’s radiofrequency technology, we are able to stimulate blood flow to treated areas. By having a better blood supply, the body will naturally start producing more collagen.


With radiofrequency energy, we are able to “reverse the clock” and kickstart collagen production. This process makes lips naturally plumper over the course of a few treatments. No poke required!


Get The Plump Without The Poke!

To get the PLUMP without the POKE, schedule a consultation or Plump RF treatment today!

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