All the Plump, Without The Poke

We are proud to offer a breakthrough RF lip plumping treatment that doesn’t require any injections or downtime!

Lush, full lips are always in style, but if you weren’t born with them, we can help! Typically, the way to achieve plump-looking lips was to get injections which carry the associated risks and worries of pain, bruising, hematoma and worst of all, “duck lips.”

A Game Changer

Viora’s Plump RF changes the game by offering a true alternative over injections. This safe, quick 30-minute procedure will have you leaving the office with immediately noticeable, natural-looking plumping and tightening. Your results will continue to improve with multiple treatments over time.

Viora’s CORE technology is the only delivery system on the market that penetrates deep enough into the dermis to produce the carefully controlled thermal “injury” that is required to stimulate collagen regeneration.

Get The Plump Without The Poke!

To get the PLUMP without the POKE, schedule a consultation or Plump RF treatment today!

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